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REVIEWS and PRESS - The Collective Brainstorm

The InstaPLANET is a great new source for info on Russian Lacquer Art , February 7, 2005, Reviewer: Dave Christensen - USA
"I read with interest your webpages addressing the origin and distinguishing features of Fedoskino and Palekh Russian lacquer miniature art. The InstaPLANET online tour of Palekh and the two Fedoskino Galleries are an excellent educational tool for collectors of Russian lacquer boxes but also for the general public interested in World Art and Art History. I look forward to reading more about Palekh, which is my favorite. Regards, ..."

Get your 'CULTURE fix' at the InstaPLANET!, November 21, 2004, Reviewer: calabilly
"...There is plenty of 'message' packed in here, but without being preachy, which is a big plus in my book. This "InstaPLANET Cultural Universe" leaves you wondering what will show up there next... I find the site to be fresh and intellectually stimulating - a cut above the standard fare. For example, I never knew about the Fedoskino miniature art before. If you believe deeply in artistic freedom, this is the place for you!..."


RELATED LINKS - The Republic of the World-Wide-Web

Net-citizens who are regular guests of the InstaPLANET Cultural Universe also visit and recommend the sites linked-in below.

What the World is Really Like: Who Knows It and Why by AVRAM NOAM CHOMSKY, Professor of Linguistics at MIT, - Study excerpts from 'The Chomsky Reader'. (- Link contributed by the InstaPLANET Editor -)

EXTREME OIL - A PBS Series that premiered in September 2004 and deserves revisiting.

  The InstaPLANET Satellite - Our Blog is the satellite orbiting the InstaPLANET. It is a window on international Arts, Media and Culture, supplementing our main site.

History News Network - Get Breaking News, presented in a historical context.

Website of the Academy of American Poets - Research your favorite American poets. Find poems and poetry events.

. .

Meet the NOBEL PRIZE Laureates - Any one of the Scientists, Authors and Peacemakers who were found worthy of this prestigious international award is certainly worthy of our attention and further study. (- Link contributed by Mia -)

Lit Mags A comprehensive list of noteworthy literary journals and related publications.

InstaPLANET Press - Publisher of The Language Maker Poetry Series. First book: Ciphers of Uncommon Origin - Poems by Ana Elsner, which received praise from poets Jack Hirschman and Lawrence Ferlinghetti (- Link contributed by Philip Hackett -)

A Poem a Day - A grab bag offering ranging from the blunt to the sublime. (- Link contributed by Lynne -)

. .

RUSSIAN LACQUER ART Sales Catalogue - An online Russian Lacquer Box Collection Estate SALE of authentic Russian Lacquer Miniature Fine Art boxes by important FEDOSKINO, PALEKH, KHOLUI and MSTERA Master Artists; a very informative site with good descriptions and great photos. ( - Link contributed by THE RUSSIAN LACQUER MINIATURES COLLECTORS CLUB - )

CRAIG'S LIST - A convenient Community Resource Guide for several major Metropolitan Areas. (- Link contributed by a friend of Craig Newmark -)

LEONARD COHEN - Virtually all there is to know about the Canadian Singer-Songwriter-Poet is packed into this site : Enjoy ! (- Link contributed by the InstaPLANET Forum Pagemaster -)

POLITICS and GOVERNMENT around the World compiled by Richard Kimber - A Political Science Links Library of the most significant resources to the study of international politics, political theory, parties, systems of government and elections, and related news dissemination agencies. (- Link contributed by the InstaPLANET Political Research Team -)

. .

MetaFilter COMMUNITY BLOG 'Weblog as Conversation', started up in 1999 by programmer Matt Haughey - A captivating Forum of civilized Open Journalism, updated by-the-minute by a dedicated community of 15,000+ intelligent and articulate MeFi Bloggers around the world, covering a limitless variety of topics from politics to pop-culture. (- Link contributed by 'Blog-Head' -)

GHOST TOWN A Tour-de-Force through the radiation-contaminated 'Dead Zone' of Chernobyl, Ukraine - Stark images recall to mind the catastrophic reactor melt-down at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in April of 1986, and its long-ranging consequences. (- Link contributed by Misha Grosberg - )

. .

RESIST :: With The LIVING THEATRE A Documentary Film by Dirk Szuszies - From the 1960s to this day, radical pacifist Judith Malina has taken her NYC-based Living Theatre to the streets in 25 countries on four continents and publicly acted out against all forms of violence, as documented by the lens of this award winning German filmmaker.



In this section the InstaPLANET spotlights the profiles of some of the individuals known to us to have distinguished themselves by their Compassion for Humanity in a globalized world.

*** In our InstaPLANET Cultural Universe INSPIRATION powers LEARNING.***

The Reverend MARTIN LUTHER KING, Jr., Ph.D., Baptist Minister, Nobel Laureate, Civil Rights Activist, Peacemaker and Crusader for Nonviolence (born January 15, 1929, assassinated April 4, 1968), Honorary InstaPLANETARIAN - We urge you to reacquaint yourself with the Life and the Legacy of this exemplary human being, who is and will remain a source of inspiration and of hope.

JACK HIRSCHMAN, San Francisco-based international Poet and political Activist, Honorary InstaPLANETARIAN - Peruse Jack's InstaPLANET page and read the interview.



Intelligent Quotes Intelligent Quotes

" Sooner or later all the peoples of the world will have to discover a way to live together in peace. If this is to be achieved, man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love." - Reverend Martin Luther King

" Ce n'est pas parce que c'est dur que l'on ose pas, mais c'est parce que l'on ose pas que c'est dur." - Proverbe Senegalais

" Was immer du tun kannst oder wovon du träumst - fange es an. In der Kühnheit liegt Genie, Macht und Magie." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, deutscher Dichter, 1749-1832

" В каждой шутке есть доля правды." - Русские пословица


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